Journey 01 - We started Hanubu to create car accessories you'd be proud to own

Journey 01 - We started Hanubu to create car accessories you'd be proud to own

We started Hanubu to create car accessories you’d be proud to own.
In 2020, within the confines of indoor life came inspiration. A recognition that life’s simple freedoms are to be cherished.

Our founder, Josh Hanning, loves cars, bikes; anything with an engine that allows that freedom of the open road. He also cares about wildlife and the oceans, being fascinated by sharks since he was a child. These passions can be a conflict of interest, because if you care about nature, you’ll also be aware of the impact transport has on the planet.

Without doubt there is a significant transition taking place within the transport and automotive industries, and Josh wanted to play a part in this movement towards a cleaner way of travelling around our planet. Despite there being thousands of products purchased for our cars every day worldwide, very few are created sustainably and built to last. Hanubu was born to change this.

From his home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Josh started to assemble a team of designers and creative thinkers who could translate a vision into a tangible product. Josh’s journey to creating our first product started on the streets of Istanbul, finding just the right manufacturer to make the seat covers, textile producers who could offer automotive quality, recycled fabrics and packaging that didn’t include plastics or harmful chemicals.

Lots of these factories wouldn’t even meet with Josh, but with the help of a translator, he persevered and connected with a renowned global seating manufacturer who decided to take on the project. The first of many hurdles overcome and milestones achieved.

Our first product is Karasu, a premium rear car seat cover that has been made using automotive grade materials and boasts an extraordinary fabric coating that is proven to kill 95% of bacteria and viruses on contact including Coronavirus, certified by the The University of Cambridge Biosciences department, it’s the first cover to offer protection for the vehicle and passengers. It reassures anyone using the product that it is both safe and durable. The tests even involved mimicking sneezes and water droplets that would come from a passenger!

Our car seat covers combine carbon free waterproofing, eco-friendly antiviral protection and plastic free packaging. We have also committed to helping recycle them at end of life (details coming soon). We're determined to make a positive impact, helping you contribute less plastic waste to landfill and enjoy having a great looking layer of protection for your cars and passengers. 

Our customers are busy people with active lives, and they come in many forms. Families, pet owners, climbers, surfers, taxi drivers. Car owners and those that lease vehicles both for personal and business use, who care about buying quality products from brands who produce responsibly. Our customers use their vehicle to experience life and explore, not just to get from A to B. We’re confident our seat covers can take anything that life throws at them, and they will keep a car looking great and easier to maintain.

We’re on a mission to bring customers more choice in this overlooked market. By doing so, we’ll play our part in reducing the amount of plastic produced, contributing to the circular economy and making people feel proud about what they buy for their cars. We're all in this together. 

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