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We're focused on one objective;
bringing motorists a frictionless, integrated automotive experience by harmonising online and offline channels 

We see a future where motorists have a single platform to cater for everything car-related, harmonising online and offline channels. Our path to delivering a next-generation technology proposition starts with the consolidation of the industry, with a focus on specific market segments, customer and data acquisition, distribution, and brand building.  

This mission serves as our north star and guides our strategy, every company we acquire or founder we partner with, becomes part of a shared vision to revolutionise the online experience for motorists everywhere. 

Meet our founder 

Josh Hanning

Having spent 9 years gaining his Startup MBA in the trenches with his own capital on the line, Josh has been involved in every tiny detail of business. As a multiple-time Founder, he has an admiration for anyone who ventures out into the unknown and builds something from nothing. Having experienced failure, he recognises that an entrepreneur's journey is very rarely linear and many of these companies and people could have a bright future if they combined resources and considered owning a smaller piece of a bigger pie. This is the 'stronger together' brand ethos that runs through Hanubu, we believe in collective power and we've built an ecosystem of centralised platforms, business functions and execution partners that will transform a company from surviving to thriving. Having had many years of experience in equity structures and with the backing of a prestigious board of directors, we are able to work collaboratively with founders and owners to achieve objectives that align, it's not a one size fits all approach and we're happy to be creative, but we're also crystal clear what we're looking for which makes the process easier on both sides of a transaction. 

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